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This website is a companion to the book French Vocal Literature: Repertoire in Context, which treats music in the context of socio-political currents pertinent to musical evolution as well as trends and movements in other artistic disciplines (primarily poetry, literature, dance, painting and decorative arts). Recurring themes include the French preference for reason and clarity, periods of foreign influence, the conscription of music for political purposes, links between genres and living/performing spaces, literary controversies over music and the lure of the exotic. Developments in musical style and genre are traced through a network of influences. For each song, vocal fach, poet’s name and date of composition are furnished. A glossary of French and musical terms is included.

French Vocal Literature: Repertoire in Context treats French song literature from the late sixteenth century to the present, with a brief introduction to French prosody and earlier seminal genres. It focuses primarily on works for solo voice with piano, organ or small instrumental ensemble. Alongside standard repertoire, unjustly overlooked or forgotten works are discussed.


 This website provides a discography and score publication information for every song discussed in the book's text.

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